Bożena Cywińska

Light is the most important element in my artistic activity. Having experimented with vast spectrum of various materials only in mineral stones I managed to find real beauty of luminous effects arising out of light playing on unique texture of precious and semiprecious gemstones.

For many years I successfully design and produce broad variety of lamps of many different mineral gemstones like amethyst, citrine, cornelian, mountain crystal, pink quartz and many other. My lamps are fully hand made and their final shape, size and look can be always customized in line with individual tastes and requirements of my customers. Very often I also advise my clients on selecting optimal lighting helping them to achieve the required character of interiors and areas being furnished.

My lamps are always beautiful element of different areas like living rooms, sleeping rooms, kitchens, halls or bathrooms in private apartments and residences as well as lobbies and rooms of elegant hotels and interiors of stylish restaurants.

Based upon many years of my experience with light and mineral gemstones I guarantee that real beauty, peace and warmth will enter each area enlighten with my lamp.

We can realize every order – even the most unusual one.

We are located in Warsaw, Poland.

Bożena Cywińska